A Cleaner, Greener Earth

We leverage our expertise and cutting-edge scientific knowledge to actively pursue our key objective of restoring, repairing, and promoting sustainable use of contaminated and degraded land, water, and soil.

Since our establishment in 1984, Environmental Earth Sciences International (EESI) has provided bespoke innovative science, advanced engineering consultancy, and auditing services for contaminated sites, landfill & waste facilities, mining sectors, and rural sectors. Our multidisciplinary team of experts across Australia, the UK, and the Middle East is dedicated to actively helping you make informed decisions and quantifying and reducing the regulatory, legal, and environmental risks of your projects. We actively create cost-effective, sustainable, and time-efficient solutions to solve even the most challenging brownfield environmental problems.

At EESI, we have a long-term commitment to social change, actively training an extensive number of environmental scientists, engineers, and EPA-accredited auditors. This enables us to actively offer exceptional solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, actively contributing to a better future for all.



With nearly four decades of experience and expertise in the sector, we enable our clients to benefit from our unwavering commitment to sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

We collaborate with you to provide tailored environmental management solutions that meet your unique project goals and obligations at every stage of the project lifecycle. We precisely assess risks according to your risk profile, providing informed decision-making, cost-effective, and time-efficient solutions that meet your objectives.

Our solution-focused approach ensures that we design and deliver projects with clarity and purpose, effectively helping you achieve your goals efficiently and successfully. Choose us to partner with you on your next project and experience the benefits of our expertise and experience.

Our consulting framework, the ‘9-step Process,’ underpins our approach to client engagements. We draw on our multidisciplinary expertise and experience to deliver high-quality and repeatable outcomes that meet our clients’ needs.

To ensure the highest level of quality, our business operations and processes are integrated into a comprehensive management system (IMS). The IMS covers a range of standards, including health and safety, environment, security, and quality assurance, promoting risk-based thinking and a culture focused on collaboration, training, and continuous improvement.

For geotechnical, engineering, and other services, we have established trusted partnerships that provide our clients with a seamless end-to-end service offering.

Hydrogeological assessments with EESI


EESI’s team of experts is comprised of industry-leading EPA accredited auditors, diversely experienced senior consultants with deep foundational knowledge and domain expertise as well as the brightest up–and–coming new talent from leading universities across the country.

Unconventional thinking is not just what we do, it’s in our DNA. We know that assessing risk is based in science and analytical thinking, however tailoring optimal solutions often requires thinking that goes beyond the conventional.

We pride ourselves in being well known in industry and community training, as well as our flat organisational structure that empowers our people and fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and agile decision-making at every level.

Building a Better Future: Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles


Since its inception in 1984, Environmental Earth Sciences International (EESI) has been dedicated to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, with the environment as the primary focus of all our activities. Every aspect of our business is dedicated to providing superior service and environmental sustainability, as well as fostering environmental stewardship. We are devoted to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources by utilising low energy, biodegradable substances and minimising resource use whenever possible. By sharing our expertise internally, with clients, communities and governments, as well as through events and workshops, we act as a source of information and education to help create a cleaner, greener world for future generations.


People are our greatest asset, and thus, we are committed to providing our employees with an environment of excellence, entrepreneurship, personal growth, diversity, and inclusion that attracts and retains high–calibre talent. We encourage knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration, and are committed to providing equal opportunities for all. We pride ourselves in our flat organisational structure that empowers our people and fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and agile decision–making at every level. To ensure that we leave behind safe, healthy and sustainable spaces, we are dedicated to engaging with local providers to economically benefit the areas in which we operate and volunteer into our local community.

Corporate Governance

As a business, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. Our commitment to the environment is at the forefront of all of our decision making, and we are dedicated to conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We strive to ensure that our corporate governance practices are transparent, efficient and in the best interests of our clients, employees and partners. We recognise that strong corporate governance is critical to our success.

Our business is led by a first principle for us, which is that the environment is our first client. All jobs are weighed against our commercial clients’ environmental integrity. We have refused work in the past where ethical standards have not been met and will continue to do so, and have established an advisory board to hold us accountable to the legal requirements as well as to our environmental and social standards.


Australia's first landscape repair consulting group, with nearly 40 years of continued operation and pioneering solutions.

In–depth industry knowledge and unparalleled scientific expertise coupled with unconventional problem solving.

Tailored solutions for you.
Our goal is to achieve the best outcomes for you and the environment.

Creative solutions through collaborative innovation.
Our approach focuses on fostering a culture of collaboration with your team, which leads to increased innovation and ultimately, better results.

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