How Sydney Olympic Park Ensures Ecosystem Health and Community Safety Through Landfill Monitoring

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Sydney Olympic Park is one of the most significant landfill remediation projects in Australia. As the land has a variety of uses, the main concern for the landfills is the management of exposure pathways and receptors, to ensure human safety and the health of the surrounding environment.


Prior to EESI’s involvement, the site contained various types of waste including asbestos, domestic garbage, and power station ash. With decades of experience in waste categorisation and contamination remediation, EESI took on the responsibility of sorting, testing, and categorising the waste materials. The team was able to relocate the majority of the waste to designated landfill mounds, which were then capped, landscaped, and transformed into parklands. To prevent any further damage to the environment, leachate systems were installed.

Following completion, EESI was engaged to monitor the landfill and the associated leachate systems and water bodies on an ongoing basis. Our main objective was to ensure that stringent Environmental Protection Authority conditions were met so that all capped landfills could continue to function as parkland.


By carefully managing contaminated waste around Sydney Olympic Park, rehabilitated land has been transformed into parklands and open spaces.

Environmental Earth Sciences International’s ongoing landfill monitoring ensures that the integrity of landfills and leachate systems is maintained, the environment and surrounding populations are protected, and regulatory and legislative compliance is maintained at all times.

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