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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises a dynamic and highly accomplished group of experts, each bringing a wealth of diverse backgrounds and exceptional competencies. With extensive experience spanning various industries, our team members possess specialised knowledge in soil science, hydrology, geology and scientific monitoring, empowering them to navigate complex challenges and drive EESI towards even greater heights.

Ian Brookman


Ian has 25 years of technical, strategy and business development experience in the environmental sector as an environmental consultant and remediation contractor focused on solutions for complex soil and water contamination problems in urban, regional and remote environments. Ian is well known for his ability to work with clients and their teams to develop and deliver remediation and rehabilitation solutions to some of the most complex contaminated sites in Australia. His experience includes the investigation and remediation design and delivery for gasworks sites, Defence sites, mine sites, as well as complex remediation projects for Federal and State Government agencies including Cox Peninsula in the NT (facilitating the settlement of the Kenbi Land Claim), CFA Fiskville in VIC, the Camellia Peninsula in NSW and Elizabeth Quay in WA. Ian was instrumental in developing a dedicated group and suite of solutions focused on the remediation of emerging contaminants in soil, in particular per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Ian was part of the team that delivered one of the first full scale PFAS source area remediation projects in the world with a patented soil-washing technology. Ian is an Honorary Life Member of the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) and was on the Board of Directors from 2014 -2020 and President from 2015 – 2020. Prior to that, he was Chair of Victorian Committee for two years. In his spare time, he is learning to play golf…(badly).

Philip Mulvey


Phil is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur, and has always been a free thinker.

He has built army bases in East Timor, supervised the erection of the largest tent in the UK, sold Aussie meat pies in the USA, cleaned up two uranium mines, developed townhouses on landfills, rewritten the manual on palm oil development in PASS in Sumatra, evaluated rehabilitation of the desert in Kuwait, participated in the first green city design in the world, evaluated degraded land in Monaro and has represented Australia in sailing.

Phil is a specialist in soil and water chemistry, with over 25 years experience in soil sciences, hydrogeology, water resource assessment, contamination studies, geological mapping and aquifer modelling.

Mark Stuckey

Technical Director

Mark Stuckey is a senior principal soil scientist, hydrogeologist and risk assessor with over 29 years professional experience specialising in the investigation, remediation and management of sites in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia & the UK.  He is an accredited contaminated sites auditor in NSW, VIC, QLD and NT, and has completed over 70 audits since November 2015, with a further 50 in progress. He is also a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), accredited in Contaminated Sites Assessment and Management (CSAM) and a Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP) in Acid Sulfate Soil.    Mark performs human health and ecological risk assessments and undertakes groundwater solute transport assessments including modelling. He is also an expert in acid sulfate soil identification, assessment, remediation and management. Mark has provided independent expert witness services for legal proceedings on numerous occasions, which has included court/ panel hearing appearances.

Stephan Pawelczyk

NSW Manager

A Certified Environmental Practitioner with a Site Contamination Specialist certification, Stephan is an experienced environmental scientist and hydrogeologist with 20 years of consulting experience in the public and private sector servicing downstream oil and gas, manufacturing, industrial, construction and land development clients across Australia. 

He has recent regulatory experience having worked with the contaminated sites section of NSW EPA. Stephan enjoys providing technical and strategic advice regarding environmental due diligence, managing contaminated land from investigation to remediation and validation, and assisting clients with expert technical advice regarding hydrogeology and the assessment of impacts on groundwater from contaminated sites. 

He thrives on mentoring and developing team members to realise their full potential and is also a commissioned officer of the Australian Army Reserve (since 2015)..

Kimberly Lam

QLD Manager

A Principal Environmental Engineer, Kimberly is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and Project Management Professional. Her career has been enriched with the opportunity to work and travel through Australia, Canada and the US.

Kimberly is skilled at bringing projects from initiation to closure, on time and on budget, while keeping safety at the forefront of what she does. Kimberly enjoys providing clients with tailored, practical and effective solutions to manage environmental liabilities and compliance. She has a unique insight into client needs from her roles as contaminated land specialist in multi–disciplinary teams for infrastructure upgrade projects, and has completed multiple secondments with clients placed under Clean Up Notices by the regulator.

Kimberly leads a high performing team of auditors, scientists and engineers who excel at giving science–based solutions to a range of industries including government, mines, transport, property developers and oil & gas.

James Barwood

New Soil General Manager

James has been an Environmental Engineer for 12 years with a few breaks for global travel. His environmental experience has predominately focused on the investigation, remediation design and remediation of gasworks, including the large Leicester and Bilston Gasworks in the UK. Both projects James was on site as both the Site Engineer and environmental consultant.

Ross Pollock

UK General Manager

Ross has 25 years’ remediation contracting experience with many years working at director level for SME and large corporate environmental consultancies. Ross’ career has been very much centred around innovative D&B remediation contracting. 

Keeping pace with the evolving UK remediation sector has seen him shift from designing solutions based on in-situ and ex-situ treatment technologies, towards risk-based material management strategies where the objectives are to add value through scope minimisation.

Kylie Saare

Finance and Administration Manager

Kylie is an experienced Finance and Administration Manager with a diverse working history including liquor wholesale, financial services, and the waste and recycling industries. Kylie is committed to improving our systems and processes to deliver optimal results for both our people and our customers.

Kat Spruth

Principal Environmental Scientist

Kat is a Senior Environmental Scientist with over 14 years international experience in the contaminated land/environmental advisory sectors. 

With a proven track record of high-quality project delivery, on budget and to deadline, Kat is focused on providing appropriate, tailored solutions for each clients’ specific and unique project needs. Kat has worked for a variety of clients within the air services, petroleum, oil and gas, mining, transport and local government sectors resulting in exposure to and experience on a wide variety of projects. Kat has been involved in a wide range of contaminated land assessment, remediation and validation projects, particularly in relation to hydrocarbons, asbestos and PFAS. 

Most recently, Kat has been involved in the management and delivery of several PFAS audits (as auditor assistant) in support of Queensland Fire and Rescue, Defence and large infrastructure projects in Queensland, including risk assessment of potential impacts to sensitive receptors associated with PFAS in multiple media including soils, groundwater, sediment and surface waters.

Chris Newland

Principal Consultant

Chris’ primary roles include direction of projects and proposals, business development and provision of technical assistance to the team based in Sydney. 

Chris brings nearly 20 years of experience within the contamination management field, including assessment / delineation within all media, remediation planning / validation and materials management. He started off his career in the UK in the early 2000’s, then upon moving back to NSW where he has accumulated vast experience both here and in Australia and New Zealand. 

Chris is a long-standing member of Environmental Earth Sciences since 2010 and is currently under application for CEnvP Site Contamination Specialist accreditation.

Anna Sheldon

Principal Soil Scientist

Anna is a Soil Scientist with a Doctorate in Soil Science and is recognised as a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS Stage 2), with Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM) accreditation. 

Anna has over 20 years experience in soil science research and consulting. Her research background is in agricultural and environmental soil chemistry, with a focus on heavy metal toxicity and salinity. Anna has undertaken a range of projects involving contaminated land assessment, site remediation and monitoring, groundwater studies, acid sulfate soils, soil and land suitability surveys, and auditor and expert witness support. 

This includes a focus on contamination associated with operational and legacy mines sites, landfills, and agricultural contamination including cattle dips. Anna is a Suitably Qualified Person for submission of Contaminated Land Investigation Documents under Section 566 of the EP Act (1994) (Queensland).

Sven Hoffmann

Principal Consultant

Sven is an experienced Sustainability and Environmental Consultant and Advisor with a background in science and research, boasting over 25 years of expertise in the field.

With a Masters degree in Applied Geology, Sven brings more than two decades of experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

He specialises in advanced technologies in site characterisation, especially the assessment of groundwater. He has led multiple in-situ remediation projects and worked as a research scientist on natural attenuation processes.

Operating at the intersection of strategic business advisory, sustainability, and technology, Sven takes a structured and inclusive approach to business and project management, effectively managing multidisciplinary teams and providing insightful advice, guidance, and technical expertise across a wide range of projects.

His focus on commercial viability is grounded in a commitment to evidence-based decision-making, all driven by his vision of a sustainable future.

Ann–Marie O'Brien

Senior Environmental Scientist

Ann-Marie is a geologist with over 15 years experience in the environmental consulting industry in Australia and the United States, investigating contaminated land and water, and keeping sites in environmental compliance with applicable regulations. 

She has extensive field and report writing experience and and has been involved in numerous environmental investigations and risk assessments on US government sites for the US Department of Energy in Nevada, and on petroleum, and industrial, and mine sites. She also has experience with sites that are involved in EPA Victoria’s Audit process. Ann-Marie has been involved in a range of contaminated land assessment projects, particularly in relation to hydrocarbons, PCBs, and radionuclides. 

Ann-Marie has experience in contaminated land investigations in urban and remote locations, initial site assessments, and follow up investigations involving groundwater monitoring, well installation, including soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater sampling. 

She has been involved in the management and supervision of large and small scale drilling operations and geophysical surveying of some of these bores. These projects addressed environmental compliance, health and safety, waste management, and quality control aspects associated with these operations.

Cuyler Borrowman

Senior Environmental Scientist

Dr. Cuyler Borrowman is an environmental scientist with a diverse scientific background. He researched the atmospheric oxidation of soot particles by ozone at the University of Toronto before completing his PhD work at Monash University focusing on the environmental impacts of biodegradable plastics’ use in agriculture.

Cuyler has eight years’ experience as an environmental research scientist and consultant. His recent project experience includes environmental monitoring and management of landfills; environmental investigations of operational foundries and service stations; contaminated site soil and groundwater remediation, monitoring and validation; agricultural carbon sequestration; human and environmental risk assessments as well as a litany of site assessments to support developers, local councils, private industry and the public in meeting their environmental duties and protecting the environment.

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