Bioremediation Gives Moree Families Peace of Mind: Carcinogenic Playground Tarmac Removed

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Volume Extracted: 1500 m³

Mean PAH Concentration: 850 mg/kg

Max PAH Concentration: 2365 mg/kg

Project Duration: 3 months

During an upgrade of playground equipment at a kindergarten in Moree, an old tarmac surface was uncovered. Moree Council’s testing of the tarmac showed an elevation in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some of which are considered carcinogenic. The presence of these hazardous substances in a children’s play area was a major concern for Moree Council and the local community.


Upon engagement, EESI conducted a thorough review of the data and completed a risk assessment. Despite acknowledging no current pathways of exposure, it was decided that proactive remediation was essential. EESI’s team employed their patented bioremediation process, Dynamic Biopiles, to address the issue.

Approximately 1,600m³ of contaminated soil was excavated from the site and transported offsite for bioremediation. The treatment spanned two months, during which the soil was systematically sampled and treated. Initially recorded PAH levels of up to 2,500mg/kg were reduced to undetectable levels, showcasing the effectiveness of the bioremediation process.


Though the risk assessment concluded the kindergarten was safe, the decision to remediate brought significant peace of mind to the community, kindergarten users, and Moree Council. It eliminated any potential future exposure issues, ensuring a safe environment for children.

The remediation was conducted in an economical and sustainable manner, reducing environmental liability for Moree Council. Moreover, the effective offsite treatment allowed other onsite works to continue, minimising disruption. The successful elimination of PAHs from the soil not only addressed immediate health concerns but also showcased EESI’s commitment to sustainable, community-focused environmental solutions.

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