Mine Closure Audits

EESI mine closure audits ensure that mining operations are closed responsibly, safely, and legally, protecting the environment and local communities. By identifying areas of non-compliance, the audit process can help address any issues quickly and efficiently.

Ensuring Environmental and Public Health & Safety

Ensuring health and safety is a top priority in mine closure audits. The audit team ensures that the mine closure plan includes measures to minimise the risk of accidents, including proper disposal of hazardous materials, management of mine tailings, and monitoring of groundwater and surface water quality.

In addition, the audit team ensures that the mine closure plan includes provisions for the rehabilitation of the mine site to ensure that it is safe for future use. The rehabilitation process may include the removal of hazardous materials, re-contouring of the land, and the planting of vegetation to stabilise the soil and prevent erosion.

Nearly Four Decades of Experience Supporting the Mining Industry

At EESI, we understand the importance of following the best possible operational practices and ensuring that all operations are conducted safely and in accordance with applicable safety and environmental regulations. Our experienced team has been supporting the mining industry for nearly four decades, providing state–of–the–art technical auditing services and mine operations compliance management and practices.

Mine closure audits by EESI

Benefits of Mine Closure Audits with EESI

  • Ensure the safety of workers, local communities and the environment
  • Identify potential problems, safety hazards, areas of non–compliance with regulations before they become a problem
  • Ensure the mine is operating efficiently, reduce costs, improve operations

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