Groundwater & Gas Monitoring

Groundwater and Gas Monitoring ensures the identification of potential environmental impacts that may be caused by a landfill or waste facility. This includes land contamination as a result of leachate or hazardous chemicals, or the creation of hazardous atmospheres as a result of potentially toxic landfill gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Detect Potential Issues Early With Regular and Precise Monitoring Data

By monitoring groundwater and gas levels regularly and precisely, any potential issues can be detected early, and any corrective actions taken in a timely manner to ensure that the landfill or waste facility is operating safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Innovative Data Interpretation Backed by Experience and Scientific Know–How

At EESI, we have developed an economic and scientific method for identifying leachate breakthrough called the L/N ratio. Leachate is less saline than the natural water, but it is dominated by ammonium, sodium and potassium, while the natural water is dominated by sodium, calcium and magnesium. To highlight the breakthrough of displaced native cations and leachate breakthrough, we have derived a special ratio in-house known as the L/N ratio.
Groundwater & Gas Monitoring by EESI

Benefits of Groundwater & Gas Monitoring with EESI

  • Identify potential environemntal impacts from contaminants in groundwater or toxic gases
  • Detect potential issues early and any corrective actions that need to be taken in a timely manner
  • State–of–the–art monitoring systems which provide valuable data to inform management decisions

Solutions for You Throughout the Entire Landfill & Waste Lifecycle

Comprehensive end–to–end services for waste facilities & landfills; from planning & design, permitting, construction and operation, to monitoring, maintenance, closure & site rehabilitation.

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