Cell Construction Audits

Cell construction auditing ensures that waste cells are adequately designed, constructed and maintained. This helps to prevent contaminants from leaching into the environment or affecting the health of nearby communities. In addition, cell construction auditing helps to identify potential problems and weaknesses in the construction that are often not visible to the naked eye.

Safety and Compliance With Our Experienced Auditors

Our EPA–accredited auditors are highly trained in cell construction principles and best practices, and use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that all your waste cell construction projects are safe and compliant. Our auditing services cover all aspects of cell construction including design, construction, maintenance and performance.

State–of–the–Art Monitoring Systems to Inform Management Decisions

With decades of experience both designing and auditing waste cells, we offer a variety of compliance solutions to ensure that your facility meets all state and federal environmental regulations.

Providing valuable data to inform your facility’s management decisions, EESI can help you ensure that your operation keeps the environment, surrounding communities and its employees safe, minimise risk and ensures your facility’s longevity. 


Benefits of Cell Construction Audits from EESI

  • Ensure cells are designed and maintained according to all applicable regulations.
  • Identify potential problems and weaknesses in cell construction that may lead to contaminants leaching into the environment.
  • Safety and compliance across all aspects of cell design, construction, maintenance and performance.

Solutions for You Throughout the Entire Landfill & Waste Lifecycle

Comprehensive services for waste facilities & landfills, including planning permitting, construction and operation, as well as monitoring, auditing, closure & rehabilitation.

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