Building on or Near Former/Current Landfills

When constructing on or near an old landfill, it is paramount to consider factors such as ground stability, potential environmental contamination, as well as any special requirements for structural engineering, ventilation, and drainage.
EESI’s EPA–accredited auditors and consultants understand the unique and complex considerations that come with building on top of or near a former/ active landfill, and provide in–depth landfill consulting and auditing services to ensure your project is completed safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Ensuring Building Security with Geotechnical Analysis

Geotechnical analysis must be conducted to test the soil for any contaminants and ensure any buildings are built securely. Buildings may need to be designed to be resilient to the landfill’s unique conditions, such as subsidence, soil liquefaction, and other geological hazards.  Additionally, special ventilation systems may be necessary to prevent hazardous gases from the landfill entering the building, and special drainage systems may be installed to avoid water from accumulating on the surface of the landfill and keep the building from flooding.

Protecting the Environment and the Future of Your Development

Whatever your objective, our team of industry–leading EPA accredited auditors and diversely experienced senior consultants, with decades of experience in waste and landfills, bring deep foundational knowledge and a fresh perspective to every project.
EESI Services Building on Landfills

Benefits of EESI's Consulting Services for Construction on or near Former Landfills

  • Our team will consider ground stability, potential contamination of air and soil, special requirements for structural engineering, ventilation and drainage to determine the suitability of the site for your project.
  • Design buildings that are resilient to the landfill's unique conditions and ensure public and environmental health and safety.
  • Experienced team of geotechnical engineers and environmental consultants to provide in–depth landfill consulting and auditing services.

Solutions for You Throughout the Entire Landfill & Waste Lifecycle

Comprehensive end–to–end services for waste facilities & landfills, from planning & design, permitting, construction and operation, to monitoring, maintenance, closure & site rehabilitation.

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