Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological assessments, or groundwater assessments, are often a critical component of investigations required as part of urban development, landfill and waste activities. These assessments need to be undertaken by experienced hydrogeologists and groundwater specialists.

EESI has extensive experience assisting in the analysis, management, monitoring and auditing of complex groundwater projects across Australia and internationally, supporting local councils and governments, as well as clients in the urban development, landfill and waste sectors.

Comprehensive Hydrogeological Assessments to Protect Your Land and Water Resources

Hydrogeological assessments demonstrate compliance with Groundwater Regulations, and in the event of non-compliance, recommend a remedial strategy and a compliance monitoring programme to ensure future compliance.

Our assessments are tailored to meet your specific requirements and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to protect your land and water resources.

These can also be completed in accordance with EPA Victoria Hydrogeological assessments (groundwater quality) guidelines, which are often needed to support contaminated land audits in Victoria.

We also offer comprehensive monitoring services to ensure that any changes to your water resources are quickly identified and addressed. With our comprehensive hydrogeological assessment services, you can be confident that your land and water resources are being managed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Hydrogeology Services from EESI include:

  • Hydrogeological assessment audits
  • Conceptual groundwater models and characterisation of groundwater regime
  • Seepage investigations
  • Water supply investigations
  • Groundwater compliance reporting
  • Groundwater impact assessments, modifications and extraction plans
  • Fieldwork – bore installation, sampling and hydraulic testing

Benefits of Hydrogeological Assessments with EESI

  • Experienced team with the expertise needed to provide accurate and reliable assessments of your water resources
  • Ensuring the health and safety of the surrounding environment and nearby communities
  • Monitoring services to ensure changes to your water resources are quickly identified and addressed

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