Landfill Gas Risk Assessments & Buffer Zone Audits

Landfills can potentially discharge landfill gas, offensive odours, noise, litter and dust, and closed landfills have the potential to discharge landfill gas for more than 30 years after they last accept waste.
Environmental consultants and EPA–accredited auditors at EESI are well–versed in performing landfill gas risk assessments and audits, and provide expert buffer zone design, management and auditing services.

Uncovering Potential Risks to Keep Communities and the Environment Safe

Landfill gas risk assessments identify potential risks posed by landfill gas (LFG); a combination of methane, carbon dioxide and other gases generated by the decomposition of organic materials within a landfill. If not managed properly, these gases can be hazardous to human health, the environment and surrounding infrastructure. Buffer Zones may include gas collection systems in the areas surrounding a landfill, that are designed to keep landfill gas, as well as other potential hazards such as leachate or runoff, from entering nearby structures. Correct buffer zone placement and management is important to reduce the amount of LFG that is released into the atmosphere or to capture and treat the gas before it enters the environment. Additionally, buffer zones can also be used to reduce the amount of noise and air pollution from the landfill.

Accurate Risk Assessments to Ensure Public and Environmental Health & Safety

EESI’s team of environmental engineers, hydrogeologists and contamination experts bring decades of experience in landfill gas and waste assessment, as well as landfill and waste facility design and auditing, and will work with you to develop customised plans to address your landfill gas concerns. Leveraging our extensive research and experience in the field, our team uses state–of–the–art technology and advanced methods to accurately assess the presence, sources and concentration of hazardous gases. With our expert risk assessment services, you can be sure that your landfill or waste facility is safe for the environment and public health.
Landfill gas risk assessments and buffer zone design and audit services from EESI

Benefits of Landfill Gas Risk Assessments & Buffer Zone Audits from EESI

  • Uncover and address the presence and concentration of hazardous gases, methane and carbon dioxide.
  • Determine the risk of landfill gas migration and design effective buffer zones.
  • Ensure your waste facility is safe for the environment and public health with our EPA–accredited auditors, senior environmental engineers, hydrogeologists and contamination experts.

Solutions for You Throughout the Entire Landfill & Waste Lifecycle

Comprehensive end–to–end services for waste facilities & landfills; from planning & design, permitting, construction and operation, to monitoring, maintenance, closure & site rehabilitation.

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