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EESI provides industry–leading mining services to enable mining operations to confidently address the unique challenges faced by the mining and minerals industry today.

Since 1984, we have been offering mining services including waste management, groundwater management and closure planning, with our first project being the closure of the Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine in north–western Queensland, Australia.

To this day, we continue to deliver world–class technical capabilities throughout the entire mining lifecycle, centred on client satisfaction and sustainability.

Mary Kathleen Mine EESI Mining Services
Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine in north–western Queensland, Australia.

Comprehensive Mining Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our services cover the full lifecycle of projects, including the initial stages of environmental baseline definition during reserve determination, waste characterisation and management, tailings and heap leach design, groundwater supply, pit dewatering, environmental monitoring, compliance auditing and operations, as well as mine closure, rehabilitation, and contamination management.

Waste characterisation is the study of the environmental impacts of mining waste during mining, processing and above ground storage of ore prior to treatment. We are well-versed in the intricacies of ore and waste characterisation, and provide detailed characterisation services that help you identify and categorise waste materials thoroughly and accurately.

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Our extensive experience in managing the lifecycle of waste across all mine operations and processing facilities, enables us to offer effective Waste Emplacement Facility Design services that minimise your environmental risk.

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At EESI, we are well aware of the risks of poorly managed tailings and the potential for adverse leachate. Our experts can assist with both pre–operation and post–operation solutions to help minimise your project closure costs and protect the environment.

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Mine dewatering is an important factor in successful and cost-effective mining operations, and can have a big impact on the environment. For this reason, we provide comprehensive mine dewatering services that are designed to ensure your project is both environmentally and economically sustainable.

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Securing an appropriate and sustainable supply of water is an essential part of successful mining operations. At EESI, we provide a comprehensive suite of mine groundwater supply services, from exploration and field investigations, to bore field design, installation and development.

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Our team leverages state–of–the–art technology to identify, map and model potential sources of contamination to provide expert advice on reducing the risk of groundwater contamination. Once identified, we can develop and implement plans to remediate contaminated sites to comply with environmental regulations and protect human health.

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Correct decommissioning of waste rock and tailings dams is a pivotal aspect of a mining operation, as it vastly reduces environmental risk and liability associated with these structures. Our services include the removal or containment of contaminated or hazardous materials and the restoration of affected land, in order to help you decommission your waste rock and tailings dams safely and responsibly.

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Technical audits of mines are essential to provide an independent assessment of the safety, health and environmental management systems of the mine and its operations. Our experienced auditing team has been supporting the mining industry for nearly four decades, and can help you identify and address any potential safety hazards or areas of non–compliance before they disrupt your operation.

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Buffer zones can help protect habitats and biodiversity, reduce air and water pollution, and provide a measure of safety for nearby communities. Where there is potential for agricultural activity, carbon projects could be run in a buffer zone to generate carbon credits, which can then be used to offset the mining operation’s emissions.

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EESI’s Environmental Site Investigations provide you with comprehensive assessments of your site prior to development, enabling you to identify existing and potential environmental contamination in advance of any construction activity.

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Optimising Mining Operations for a Sustainable Future

We deliver world–class technical capabilities throughout the entire mining lifecycle, centred on client satisfaction and sustainability.

Whatever your objective, we bring decades of experience and a fresh perspective to every project. Using our multidisciplinary approach, we create integrated solutions that improve sustainability, safety and value creation.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions to Support Mining Operations from Exploration to Closure

Our integrated approach enables us to provide consolidated solutions that increase sustainability, security and value production at every stage of your mining project.

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