Carbon Offset Projects in Mine Buffer Zones

Buffer zones are areas of land set aside around a mining project in order to minimise the impacts of mining activities on surrounding environments.
Buffer zones are designed to protect habitats and biodiversity, reduce air and water pollution, and provide a measure of safety for nearby communities. Agricultural potential in the area may give rise to the possibility of running carbon projects in the buffer zone, which in turn can help with receiving social licence to operate and generate carbon credits, which can help with offsetting site emissions and reducing costs.

Utilising Buffer Zones for Agricultural Carbon Projects

The EESI team can guide you through the process of establishing and managing agricultural carbon offset projects in a buffer zone; from assessing feasibility, to creating a plan, executing strategies, monitoring activities, carbon measurement and offset certification. 

Our team has extensive experience working with mining companies and governments to ensure that buffer zone management strategies are effective and cost-efficient. Request a carbon offset project feasibility assessment for your buffer zone today!

Carbon Project Management Services from EESI include:

  • Carbon offset feasibility assessments 
  • Carbon offset project design & management – across all methodologies approved by the Australian Government 
  • Carbon quantification and net abatement certification
  • Landscape management strategy advice (and the more detailed farm plans)
  • Assistance with obtaining finance for green loans
  • Project assessment due diligence

Benefits of EESI's Carbon Offset services in Buffer Zones

  • Deep expertise in carbon farming, farm systems and offset project management
  • Access to cutting–edge carbon science and technology
  • Possibility to leverage buffer zones to regenerate local landscapes by sequestering carbon and generate carbon credits

Cutting-Edge Solutions to Support Mining Operations from Exploration to Closure​

Our integrated approach enables us to provide consolidated solutions that increase sustainability, security and value production at every stage of your mining project.

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