Groundwater Pollution Assessment & Mitigation

Assessing, monitoring and managing potential groundwater pollution from mining activities is essential in mitigating the environmental impacts of mining operations. Our team can provide expert advice on the best mitigation and remediation measures, tailored to your site.

Map and Identify Potential Sources of Groundwater Pollution

The EESI team leverages technologies such as geophysical surveys, to identify and map potential sources of contamination. We also utilise sophisticated modeling techniques to assess the impacts of mining activities on groundwater quality and quantity.

Mitigate Long–Term Environmental Impacts and Comply with Regulations

Our team can provide expert advice on the best mitigation measures to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination, as well as develop and implement remediation plans for contaminated sites. With our assessment and mitigation services, we can help ensure that mining operations remain in compliance with environmental regulations, protect the local environment and human health.

Benefits of Groundwater Pollution Assessment & Mitigation with EESI

  • Sophisticated modelling techniques and geophysical surveys to assess impacts on groundwater quality
  • Mitigate and reduce the risk of groundwater contamination
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and protect local environment and human health

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Our integrated approach enables us to provide consolidated solutions that increase sustainability, security and value production at every stage of your mining project.

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