Mine Dewatering

The process of removing groundwater from a mine is known as dewatering. When a mine goes below the water table, gravity will cause groundwater to enter the mine. For some projects, this is a minor nuance that can be handled as needed. However, for most mines, and geological settings, dewatering is essential to the success of the mine and may require the use of significant resources and management.

The process of mine dewatering can have a great impact on the environment and the success and longevity of your mining project, which is why it’s essential for mine dewatering activities do be executed with absolute precision and care.

Custom Solutions for Sustainable, Cost–Effective Mine Dewatering

Before beginning the dewatering process, it is important to create a safe plan that outlines the steps necessary for effective dewatering. This plan would consider safety, environmental protection and water management, amongst other things. The right type of pumps and drainage systems need to be used, depending on the needs of the mine. These must be properly sized and designed to effectively dewater the mine without causing damage to the surrounding environment. To ensure a safe procedure, water levels in the mine need to be monitored constantly. 

The effects of dewatering on the surrounding environment also needs to be considered. An example of this is monitoring the water levels of nearby streams and rivers, to ensure that they are not being adversely impacted. After the mine has been dewatered, proper management of the wastewater generated by the process is also important. This includes treating and disposing of the wastewater in an appropriate and environmentally–friendly manner.

Our team has decades of experience in dewatering activities, and is here to develop the right dewatering system for your site. We will help you choose the most environmentally friendly and economical method, such as in–pit sumps or extraction bores, to ensure that your costs are kept low and that the extracted water is of suitable quality for potential reuse. With our expertise, you can be sure that mine dewatering is managed efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Mine Dewatering with EESI

  • Custom mine dewatering plans that consider both economic and environmental goals
  • Focus on sustainability and future quality of the site
  • Experts in efficient and effective strategies for mine dewatering

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Our integrated approach enables us to provide consolidated solutions that increase sustainability, security and value production at every stage of your mining project.

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