Tailings Assessment

Having decades of experience in tailings assessments, both pre– and post–operation, we are well aware of the environmental risks of poorly managed tailings and the potential for adverse impacts. Our experts can help you minimise your project closure costs and protect the environment.

Minimising Environmental Impact from the Beginning

In order to protect the environment as much as possible and save on project closure costs, properly managing tailings is key. Identifying whether a project’s tailings will produce adverse leachate requires evaluation of their mineralogy. If leachate does exist, appropriate measures need to be taken with an appropriately dam located in a way that minimises further environmental impact.

It is also important to keep in mind that pyrite can accumulate in tailings over time and increases with ore extraction, which can affect monitoring, recovery, and co–disposal. To ensure a successful mine closure, it is crucial to understand these changes.

Expert Evaluation and Assessment

From evaluating possible locations for tailings dams, to assessing the geochemical interactions of leachate with natural materials and monitoring changes in tailing mineralogy, our vastly experienced and qualified team of experts are on hand to provide the support you need.

Aerial photo of mine tailings

Benefits of Tailings Assessment with EESI

  • Our expert team will help you assess and evaluate tailings solutions for an in–depth plan to manage future environmental impacts from the beginning
  • Minimise project closure costs
  • Ensure successful mine closure

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Our integrated approach enables us to provide consolidated solutions that increase sustainability, security and value production at every stage of your mining project.

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