Waste Emplacement Facility Design 

Optimisation of location, chemistry, waste characterisation as well as construction are important aspects of consideration for the long term sustainable and economical emplacement of mining waste material. We at EESI are experts in waste emplacement facility design for mining projects, both in Australia and abroad, and have decades of experience in designing comprehensive solutions for improved sustainability, safety and value creation.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Achieve Precise Design and Construction of Waste Emplacement Facilities

The types of mine waste emplacement facilities your operation requires depends on the types of waste being disposed of and the conditions of the site.

Common facilities used for waste emplacement include; waste rock emplacement, tailing dams, ash dams, evaporation ponds, in-pit or in-mine disposal and spent heap leach pads (also considered as waste). These constructs must be designed and constructed with absolute precision to contain the mine waste in a safe manner, reduce the risk of environmental contamination and prevent leaching of contaminants, as well as achieve other performance outcomes such as quality and quantity of water return and be optimised for least expenditure at closure.

Key features that impact design often not considered is waste impact on water return to the mill, long term desired shape needed for closure and impacts of metallurgical changes with time on mine waste facilities. Multidisciplinary design teams, as provided by EESI, are required to deliver these important aspects needed for mine waste emplacement.

Reliable and Compliant Waste Emplacement Solutions

The process of designing a mining waste emplacement facility involves several steps: 

Site selection involves evaluating suitable sites for the facility and taking into consideration factors such as the geology, hydrology, soils, topography and the surrounding environment. 

During the design stage, the location, size and shape of the facility, along with the type and amount of waste to be stored, are determined. This also includes determining the type of construction materials to be used and the methods of emplacement. 

An environmental impact assessment must also be completed to assess the potential impacts that the proposed facility may have on the environment, such as air and water quality, land disturbance and noise. Regulatory review is necessary to obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local, state, and/or federal agencies. 

Construction of the facility must then be completed according to the design specifications. Finally, monitoring and maintenance of the facility must be done to ensure that it remains safe and operational, and performing maintenance activities as needed.

Waste Emplacement Facilities by EESI are designed to be cost–effective, comply with environmental regulations and ensure the long–term sustainability of your operations.

Benefits of Waste Emplacement Facility Design by EESI

  • Expertise and experience both in Australia and internationally.
  • Design solutions that reduce the risk of environmental contamination and leaching.
  • Long–term plans for the life–cycle of your mining operation.

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