Waste Classification

Waste classification helps inform important decisions around waste management and disposal on your site. As part of our services, EESI assists you in identifying waste types, assessing risks associated with waste and contamination, understanding their sources, and comprehending the implications of these materials for your project, the environment, and public health.

The proper classification of waste can also reduce the cost of waste disposal, since waste can be disposed of more efficiently with correct identification.

Optimising Reuse and Minimising Disposal Costs of Waste Materials

Regulating waste can be complicated, and it can be challenging to find guidance on how these regulations interact with other requirements. The wrong classification of waste can result in costly fines, disposal fees, squandering potential resources, and requiring rework.

EESI takes a comprehensive approach to waste characterisation, considering all stages of the waste hierarchy to properly characterise the waste and provide practical options for optimising reuse and minimising disposal costs.

We offer characterisation services for both solid and liquid wastes. Our advice encompasses potential for reuse and disposal options, suitable disposal locations, levy applicability, and treatment methods to reduce toxicity, which can ultimately lead to reduced disposal costs and increased reuse potential.

Benefits of Waste Classification with EESI

  • Avoid costly fines and disposal fees due to incorrectly charaterised waste
  • Practical options for optimising reuse and minimising disposal costs for both solid and liquid waste
  • Reduce the risk of contamination and pollution of the environment, while ensuring the health and safety of those living in the area.

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