Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring services from EESI help you to minimise the risk of groundwater contamination by identifying potential sources of contamination and tracking the magnitude, extent, and source of any contaminants. Assessing the potential impacts of urban developments and contaminated sites on the local groundwater supply, it provides important information on the health of the local environment, which can also be used to adjust development plans and remediate contaminated sites.

Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring to Safeguard Long–Term Environmental Health

Our experienced environmental consultants provide comprehensive groundwater monitoring services to help you protect surrounding ecosystems and communities. Our services include evaluating potential sources of contamination, installing and maintaining monitoring wells, collecting and analysing groundwater samples, and preparing detailed reports on the results. 

We also provide ongoing monitoring and consultation services to ensure that any contamination is promptly identified and addressed before it becomes hazardous to the environment or human safety.

Hydrogeological assessments with EESI

Benefits of Groundwater Monitoring Services from EESI

  • Minimise the risk of groundwater contamination by identifying potential sources of contamination and tracking magnitude, extent and source of any contaminants.
  • Data on the health of the local environment to inform development plans and remediation strategies.
  • Our environmental consultants will evaluate sources of contamination, install and maintain monitoring wells, collect and analyse samples, and prepare detailed reports on the results.

Quality Environmental Services for all your Urban Development & Site Contamination needs

You receive a partnership that gives you absolute clarity about all environmental implications of your project, assisting you in meeting your environmental management obligations across the entire project life cycle – including compliance, planning, construction, operations, and eventually decommissioning.
Urban Development & Contaminated Sites Services by EESI

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