Landfill Gas & Odour: Evaluation, Buffer Zone Modification & Mitigation

With our landfill gas monitoring services, you can identify and measure hazardous gases released by landfills, including methane, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

High concentrations of these gases can be toxic, causing health risks, or they could become an environmental hazard, polluting the groundwater and causing health risks to nearby communities. By monitoring these gases, the potential for subsidence or ground collapse can be identified, allowing preventative measures to be taken, and identifying any areas that may have higher concentrations.

Eco-Friendly Buffer Zone Management Services to Enhance Your Project's Sustainability

Buffer Zones are gas collection systems in the areas surrounding a landfill, that are designed to keep landfill gas, as well as other potential hazards such as leachate or runoff, from entering nearby structures. Correct buffer zone placement and management is important in order to reduce the potential for human and environmental exposure to LFG. These areas can be used to reduce the amount of LFG that is released into the atmosphere or to capture and treat the gas before it enters the environment. Additionally, buffer zones can also be used to reduce the amount of noise and air pollution from the landfill.

Odour monitoring is essential too, as it can help to identify sources of contamination and potential health risks associated with these sources. It can also help to determine the effectiveness of any mitigation measures taken to reduce odour.

Science–based Solutions for Landfill Gas & Odour Monitoring

Our services are science–based and tailored to the complex geology of each landfill site. Our experts assess the impact your landfill sites have on their surrounding environments through monitoring, conducting Environmental Assessments (EAs) and updating Conceptual Site Models (CSMs), to ensure the risks of hazardous gas release, subsidence or ground collapse are accurately identified and minimised.

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Landfill Gas Monitoring EESI

Benefits of Landfill Gas & Odour Monitoring Services from EESI

  • Identify and measure hazardous gases released by landfills, including methane, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Assess the potential risk of subsidence or ground collapse and identify necessary remedial measures.
  • Tailored services to meet the complex needs of your site.

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You receive a partnership that gives you absolute clarity about all environmental implications of your project, assisting you in meeting your environmental management obligations across the entire project life cycle – including compliance, planning, construction, operations, and eventually decommissioning.
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