Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water monitoring services from EESI provide you with a thorough analysis of the surface water’s chemical properties, and will detect any changes in water quality caused by the introduction of pollutants such as chemicals, sediment and runoff.

Monitoring water quality can provide important information about the concentration and fate of pollutants in surface water bodies, such as rivers, lakes and streams. Detailed surface water analysis can help inform development plans and pollution control strategies, and can highlight areas of potential environmental concern. Surface water monitoring can also help improve water supply and recreational activities in urban areas, as well as provide data to support restoration efforts in contaminated sites.


Customised Water Quality Monitoring Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Our experienced team of environmental consultants provides a comprehensive suite of surface water monitoring services. We can help identify potential sources of contamination and monitor changes in water quality over time. 

Our services include sampling and analysis of surface water bodies, as well as the development of customised water quality monitoring plans.

Benefits of Surface Water Monitoring Services from EESI

  • Detect changes in water quality caused by the introduction of pollutants such as chemicals, sediment and runoff.
  • Skilled staff to sample and analyse contaminants in surface water bodies.
  • Customised water quality monitoring plans tailored to meet your needs.

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