For the past 20 years, EESI has undertaken remediation of multiple sites across Australia and the UK. We proudly utilise our extensive contracting experience to create remediation designs that consider not only the environmental outcomes required, but also practical engineering and contracting constraints that can have a significant impact on your project.

The Importance of Remediating Contaminated Land for Sustainable Development

Thorough remediation and restoration of contaminated land is fundamental to the development of a sustainable Australia. Unfortunately, historical industrial and commercial processes had little awareness of their detrimental effects on the environment. Now, with greater understanding and developed remediation techniques, we are able to rectify some of these past errors.

For us, the remediation process is not only about improving the built environment, but also restoring the natural environment and maximising the overall value of assets for you. Implementing the right design process is fundamental to the success of any remediation project.

Maximise Cost–Savings with Smarter Remediation Strategies

In order to ensure the most cost–effective and environmentally sound remediation of a contaminated site, it is essential to look beyond the Site Conceptual Model (SCM). This model outlines the contamination status of the site and potential receptors, but a thorough understanding of potential future uses of the site and any regulatory or commercial constraints must be considered also.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the least expensive remediation solution may not necessarily be the most cost–effective in the long run. Poorly managed and executed remediation projects can require additional phases of work, which can result in extended project timeframes and additional costs. Although investing in fast turnaround times and sustainability may incur an additional cost, these costs are often far outweighed by the savings and benefits that they generate.

EESI's Remediation Services Include:

  • Pre remediation data gap investigations
  • Remediation design with the preparation of remedial action plans (RAPs) and remediation work specifications (RWS)
  • Stakeholder management including liaison with the EPA and Auditor
  • Remediation supervision
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soils (see New Soil)
  • Remediation validation monitoring
  • Post remediation environmental monitoring

Benefits of Remediation with EESI

  • Ensure a thorough and effective remediation process that improves your built environment, restores the natural environment and maximises the overall value of your asset.
  • Avoid poorly managed or executed remediation projects that may require additional phases of work, extended timeframes and additional costs.
  • Gain an in–depth understanding of the potential future uses of your site and any regulatory or commercial constraints.

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You receive a partnership that gives you absolute clarity about all environmental implications of your project, assisting you in meeting your environmental management obligations across the entire project life cycle – including compliance, planning, construction, operations, and eventually decommissioning.
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