Off–Site Soil Treatment

The partner of choice for Environmental Earth Sciences International, the sustainable soil treatment expert New Soil, is a world leader in bioremediation technology, treating contaminated soils off-site at their own EPA licensed bioremediation facility in NSW. 

New Soil’s goal is to maximise contaminated soil’s potential for beneficial reuse. Using scientifically-backed biological, physical, and chemical processes, they transform contaminated soils into reusable soil materials, saving landfill space and disposal costs, restoring the natural environment and helping you achieve sustainability goals.

Treating Contaminated Soil and Reintroducing it to the Natural Environment

In Australia’s contamination sector, New Soil was the first to introduce off–site commercially viable bioremediation solutions and the only company worldwide to bioremediate gas works, tar and tar products such as creosote and emulsion. They also offer technologies based on chemical oxidation, chemical immobilisation, chemical reduction and cement stabilisation, currently exclusively on client sites.

In addition to offering state–of–the–art biological, chemical and physical soil contamination remediation, they offer demolition, civil works and excavation services.

Visit the New Soil website to learn more about soil remediation services offered in partnership with EESI


Benefits of Off–Site Soil Treatment EESI

  • Maximise contaminated soil's potential for beneficial reuse using scientifically–backed biological, physical and chemical processes at New Soils EPA licensed Soil Treatment Facility in NSW.
  • Save landfill space & disposal costs, restore the natural environment and meet your sustainability targets.
  • Leaders in off–site and client–site bioremediation solutions including gas works, tar and tar products, chemical oxidisation, chemical immobilisation, chemical reduction and cement stabilisation.

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