Remediation Design (RAP, RWS)

EESI’s remediation design services help you ensure that your urban development project is suitable for its intended use, and helps you address environmental issues that can negatively affect environmental and public health & safety.

Effective Remediation Planning to Minimise and Manage Contamination

An effective remediation plan ensures that developers and environmental engineers minimise the environmental impact of their projects and do not expose the public to harmful levels of pollution. In the absence of a complete evaluation of all remedial options and without selecting the most feasible and cost–effective remediation strategy, the remediation design can significantly increase time and costs.

Our team has the skills and experience to help you remediate soil and groundwater contamination, both in the ground (in–situ) or after excavation and pumping (ex–situ). From the onset of the project, EESI will work with all stakeholders to design a remediation approach that minimises environmental impacts, meets projected timeframes, budgets, and meets the needs of all parties involved. To ensure technical accuracy, our remediation designs are reviewed by our own internal Environmental Auditors.

Benefits of Remediation Design (RAP, RWS) with EESI

  • Minimise environmental impacts and ensure the public is not exposed to harmful levels of pollution.
  • Reduce remediation timeframe and costs with a tailored strategy.
  • In–situ and ex–situ remediation solutions to meet your specific needs.

Quality Environmental Services for all your Urban Development & Site Contamination needs

You receive a partnership that gives you absolute clarity about all environmental implications of your project, assisting you in meeting your environmental management obligations across the entire project life cycle – including compliance, planning, construction, operations, and eventually decommissioning.
Urban Development & Contaminated Sites Services by EESI

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