Remediation Validation Assessment

Validation is an essential stage of contamination remediation work, as it enables the measurement and confirmation of objectives set out in a Remediation Action Plan (RAP). We at EESI understand the complexities associated with validation of remediation projects and provide a unique combination of experience, technical expertise and service quality to ensure your project is completed accurately and efficiently.

Remediation validation encompasses the quantification of contaminant concentrations in various media, and enables the re–evaluation of risk pathways for both human and ecological receptors. The conclusions of remediation validation can determine whether a site is suitable for its proposed/ongoing land use, or whether an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment is still present which requires ongoing management.

Ensuring Accurate Remediation Validation for Site Suitability and Risk Evaluation with EESI

Remediation validation requires a detailed understanding of the behaviour of contaminants in various media across a range of environmental systems. Validation activities are often subject to review and comment from independent EPA–accredited contaminated Site Auditors, so it is important to get the process right the first time in order to save time and money in the overall process.

Remediation Validation Services at EESI include:

  • Preparing Sampling and Analysis Quality Plans (SAQPs) to document procedure for validating cleanup to meet Site Auditor standards
  • Performing validation fieldworks, including assessment, process testing/sampling, final validation testing/sampling, and interpreting results
  • Communicating validation progress and goals between Contractors, Site Auditor/regulator and stakeholders
  • Implementing reliable field and lab processes to demonstrate QA/QC
  • Carrying out detailed quantitative human health and ecological risk assessments (HHERAs) with Fate and Transport modelling to show acceptable risk levels posed by contaminants
  • Preparing Validation Report deliverables

Remediation Validation Services at EESI include:

Drawing on our extensive experience with refining Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) for a variety of sites, we take a precautionary approach to ensure detailed understanding of the behaviours of contaminants and their interaction with environmental systems.

We set clear remediation and validation goals to meet your social, administrative, and technical objectives and apply our detailed knowledge of state, federal and international guidelines, as well as current independent research on risks posed by existing and newly emerging contaminants, to integrate this knowledge with the respective remediation and management options. With three accredited Site Auditors and CenvP Practitioners among our staff, we are well–positioned to provide our clients with experienced and effective services.

Notable projects of ours include:

  • Delta Electricity (formerly LakeCoal): Catherine Hill Bay Coal Handling and Preparation Plant: validation of remediation activities (Catherine Hill Bay NSW)
  • John Holland Group: Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) removal with onsite bioremediation, directing remediation and validation activities (Macquarie Park NSW)

Benefits of Remediation Validation Assessment with EESI

  • Quantify contaminant concentrations, re–evaluate risk pathways for both human and ecological receptors, determine whether a site is suitable for ongoing land use
  • Work with our accredited Site Auditors and CenvP Practitioners to meet your social, administrative and technical objectives during the validation process
  • Extensive experience refining Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) for a variety of sites and clients, with a precautionary approach to ensure detailed understanding of the behaviours of the contaminants and interaction with environmental systems

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