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EESI has a long history of providing comprehensive support for landfill and waste facilities across all stages of their lifecycle. From landfill location assessments, operations advice, cell design, landfill gas risk assessment, buffer evaluation, performance monitoring and waste audits, to closure design and creating successful strategies for building over landfills.

Our landfill and waste services also include stream assessment, groundwater and gas monitoring, gas generation assessment, and pre-feasibility assessment for hazardous and radioactive waste facilities.

40 Years of Waste Management Excellence

The first of our studies took place during our founding year in 1984 when we assessed the issues related to the building of the Burswood Casino (now Crown Perth) over a landfill, evaluating the suitability of a natural clay liner for the Dudson Downs Hazardous Waste Landfill. Over the past four decades, we have performed numerous studies for engineers, businesses, local and state governments on inert, solid, municipal, hazardous solid and liquid wastes, as well as special wastes such as medical wastes and ash dams.

Aerial shot of Crown Perth, which was built over a former landfill, and the Swan River.

Our Landfill & Waste Services

Expert advice and audit services, scalable to your needs. Regardless of your challenge, our multidisciplinary teams create integrated solutions to improve sustainability, safety, and value creation, and bring a fresh perspective to every project we support.  


Our team provides comprehensive Strategic Planning services, tailored to meet the specific needs of your landfill or waste facility. We can help you develop a well–defined plan that meets all regulations, addresses potential issues, and ensures long–term sustainability.

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Well–planned Cell Design is essential for optimising the use of space, maximising the efficiency of the landfill or waste facility, as well as reducing the potential for environmental contamination. Our environmental consultants provide comprehensive design services and can help you control odours, dust and  minimise the impact of your facility on the surrounding environment.

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Groundwater and Gas Monitoring helps to identify potential environmental impacts that may be caused by your landfill or waste facility. EESI leverages state–of–the–art monitoring systems to detect the presence of hazardous gases and ensure that they do not enter the environment. We also offer a variety of compliance solutions to ensure that your facility meets all state and federal environmental regulations.

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If excavated and exposed to air, acid sulfate soils can cause grave damage to human health, the environment and infrastructure. We focus on the science of acid sulfate soil chemistry and requirements for neutralisation, and develop comprehensive management plans tailored to your situation.

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Our experienced team of environmental engineers and scientists provide comprehensive landfill gas risk assessments and buffer zone design services, and will work with you to develop a customised plan to address your landfill gas concerns, in order to protect human health and the environment.

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We have a long history of providing in–depth landfill consulting and auditing services to ensure your project is completed safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations. Our services include testing soil for contaminants, designing structural engineering plans to withstand the unique conditions of the landfill site, and developing ventilation and drainage systems to reduce the risk of hazardous gases and flooding.

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Audit Services for Landfill & Waste Facilities

Our landfill and waste auditing services provide you with detailed and actionable insights to help you optimise your waste facility’s safety, sustainability and efficiency, enable you to reduce risk and facilitate the successful closure, regeneration and redevelopment of your site.

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Cell construction auditing ensures that cells used to contain waste are adequately designed, constructed, and maintained. Our experienced auditors are highly trained in cell construction principles and best practices, and use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that all cells of your waste facility are safe and compliant.

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EESI has extensive experience assisting in the auditing of complex groundwater projects across Australia and internationally, supporting local councils and governments, as well as clients in the landfill and waste sectors. Read More →

Operational audits of landfills and waste facilities help to ensure that the waste facility is operating safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Our accredited auditors and environmental consultants offer can provide an in–depth evaluation of your facility to identify potential areas of risk and improvement.

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Closure plan audits help ensure that a facility is properly closed when it reaches the end of its useful life, identifying any safety concerns, financial liabilities and environmental risks that need to be addressed during the closure process.

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Post closure monitoring of landfills helps to ensure that the inactive landfill area is being managed properly to not cause any harm to the surrounding environment and communities.

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We understand the unique and complex considerations that come with building on top of or near a former landfill or waste facility. Our experienced team of geotechnical engineers and environmental consultants provide comprehensive landfill consulting and auditing services to ensure that your project is completed safely and in compliance with all regulations.

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Our environmental engineers and scientists provide comprehensive landfill gas risk assessments and buffer zone auditing services, working with you to achieve your objectives.

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Restoring Land and Supporting Sustainable Landfill & Waste Practices

EESI delivers comprehensive guidance and support for waste facilities and landfills, in order to help create successful future–proof strategies that facilitate land restoration and sustainable operations.

Whatever your objective, we bring decades of experience and a fresh perspective to every project. Using our multidisciplinary approach, we create integrated solutions that improve sustainability, safety and value creation.

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Solutions for You Throughout the Entire Landfill & Waste Lifecycle

Comprehensive end–to–end services for waste facilities & landfills, from planning & design, permitting, construction and operation, to monitoring, maintenance, closure & site rehabilitation.

Discover How EESI Can Help You Optimise the Sustainability, Longevity, and Performance of Your Landfill & Waste Facility.

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